The healing words of an amazing author

Some extracts from one of my favourite authors books, that I feel moved to share.

” …. But really women don’t have to do anything to be beautiful. It’s a gift from God. The woman is.

“…..Somewhere along the line many of us women are led to believe that that being pretty is enough. And while we rely on that we forget to strengthen our minds so that we can learn how to think, how to build. How to survive. We forget that everything we do matters so much”

“….Every right decision brings us blessings. Every wrong decision brings us pain. And then when times get hard, our struggle and our pain shows on our faces and our bodies……….when we hate ourselves we destroy our bodies with alcohol, drugs, casual sex and a bunch of stuff. Then we look at ourselves and hate ourselves even more…..”

“……So when you look in the mirror don’t see death, see light. Don’t see ugly, see beautiful. It may not seem like it but you are powerful. A change of mind, a change of spirit and a change of actions can create a new you. You are needed…..”

“….,Love is completely different than business. Many women don’t know how to be sweet, don’t know how to love and be loved, don’t know how or who to allow to love them. Don’t know how to inspire their men to become great men…”

“…..Elisha always had the type of love I admire, needed, and respect, that fighting love, the kind that doesn’t give up or give in, especially when a man can feel that a girl loves him, too, but just needs a little help and a little push to pull herself together, then merge…”

An amazing author she speaks such words of Love, Wisdom , Encouragement, and Healing through her characters.

Just wanted to share a few and share the Love.

Always Love and light.



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