My Favourite Words.

Anomaly- unusual/against the norm.

Love will never become an Anomaly for me. Yet my Love for You is deemed to be.

Perfunctory- lacking in interest, care, enthusiasm.

Love will never be perfunctory in me. My Love for You could never be.

My Love for you will never disappear. This is not possible. If it could, it would never have been Love. It would never have been real.

Me the Sun and You the earth. I will always be your Light I will always revolve around and heal You.

My Soul may not always be smiling, it may at times be restless, disappointed and wanting. However, for You it will always be warm, familiar and inviting.

My eyes may often leak, but being the window to my Soul, they shed my riches for You. My tears.

One day I will tell You my stories.

One day I will tell You all of me.

One day when my tears betray me I will confess my Love for You, Held for years. Despite me. Despite You.

One day I will invite You to read me and the Love that I have shared with strangers, for You.

And it won’t matter that our Love is not Juxtaposed, it won’t matter that You may not Love me back, it won’t matter that you cannot comprehend my Love, it won’t matter that it may scare You, or that it may Re-Write your Perception of me.

It won’t matter because Love and You will still be my Favourite Words.

It won’t matter because You will know that I was True when I said that this Love for You can never be Emancipated from Me.

It won’t matter because finally my Love for You will be set Free.

It won’t matter because finally You will know and see and Feel the True me.

Finally I will no longer have to hide or Feel ashamed of the Love that is Me.

© KLove 2013


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