My Beautiful shining Star!

My beautiful 1st born daughter!
I didn’t birth you
but I Love you like you travelled through me.

You were my daughter from that Love at 1st sight!

21 today
I can hardly believe it.
It feels like yesterday that we were having Spice Girl parties and making messy Rock Cakes.

You were always so happy, so Much Love, always the best part of every day or weekend that we would spend together.

You continue to spread so much joy and happiness and light without any effort.

You are my brightest star.

Truly a blessing to your Mother and your God Mother- me.

I am honoured to know and Love you, and in awe of the beautiful young lady that you have come to be.

Despite some very difficult times, you continue to battle,to fight, be yourself, to shine, to smile, to spread Happiness and to be.

No amount of Love will ever be enough to describe what is held for you within me!

21 today
You have finally come of age
But you will always be that smiley, too cute 5 year old girl in my eyes.

My little girl who loved cuddles and kisses and with who I would love to spend my days.

Always remember who you are, and the Love and support that you have from us all, abundantly.

Know that we are here for you whenever, forever, whatever you may need.

For you I would give my heart and my everything, no thinking no questions as you one of the reasons that it beats.

Your light can never be darkened, and your joy is too much for any man or woman to steal!

Never question whether you are good enough. You are not. You are the best! A prize possession, perfection, the greatest! It doesn’t get any better than you and no one is your match. You can tell him, her and anyone one else that may question you that your Godmother says that!

You come from a line of strong, powerful and gracious women. Great Grandma, Grandma, mummy, several aunties and me! As such you have a power in you that can be neither denied or ceased.

You are of Love, Light and Black Beauty!

Tap into your power should there be any more dark times! All that you need to push through is within you. It’s all inside.

Happy Born Day baby girl!

Thank you for blessing my life, for being a blessing in my life, for being my 1st, for being my teacher, for making my tomorrows worthwhile.

My beautiful star shining bright like a diamond in the sky!

I am so proud and so honoured to be able to call you mine!


© KLove 2013


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