I Love you
I Love knowing you
I Love feeling you
I love experiencing you
I Love tasting you
I Love being in you
I Love when you are in me
I Love being held captive by you
I Love being a manisfestaion of you
I Love when you are a manisfestation of He.

You are beautiful
Though If I am honest, you are often often ugly, ungraceful, ungrateful and pain.

You can make me feel beautiful, special, the highest, truthful, Goddess like,invincible!
Though If I am honest, you often make me feel fat, ugly, alone, shame, fragile, nothingness, invisble!

We are often at odds
Skimmming that thin line. It is not blurred.
My arch nemesis, sucking out the life/air in me through a long thin black straw. Slowly.
You are not always good to me.
You are not always honest with me are you?

Though if I am honest Love

I am addicted to you. The odds and the lines do not matter. After all they can be beaten and crossed.

When we are in sync and at our best, you are the best part of me, my everything, my being, my energy, my reason, my validation, my best part of the day, my best part of this life, my best feeling, my everything. Attached to my best thoughts, pictures, memories, feelings. In and around my best people.


I Love to Love

I Love you.

© KLove 2013


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