Even Bigger Love!

I told you that there are some special people out there!

BIG THANKS AND EVEN BIGGER LOVE to my blog Angel at Friendly Fairy Tales, who yesterday named me as a guest of honour at their awards party and allowed me to “scoop” some awards!

I am truly honoured to have been named as an honouree, and truly grateful for the Love that has been shown to me and my blog!

Bless your heart! Loving you more than more than!

I write what is in my heart and on my spirit. It always makes sense to me. I never thought that it would make sense others.

The Love that I have received from my “lovely community” means more than words as I started this with the hope that my words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, would resonate and help even one person to fight the feeling and keep keeping on!

In the spirit of sharing the Love, I invite those named below to “scoop” some awards!

You have all touched me with your words, wisdom and your hearts full of Love and understanding.

Eva Poet- BeLove- Believe
Secret Angels
Clown Ponders
The Better Man Project
Nissi Knows
Harsh Reality
Poetry on a roll
Five quick minutes
Heart space.

And to you my Friend at Friendly Fairy Tales, Xxxxxmwaaahhhhxxx, sending these awards right back at ya!

Always Love and Light sweeties.

Lets keep the Love Alive!









23 thoughts on “Even Bigger Love!

  1. You sure know how to scoop them up, flip them and make them golden on both sides. LOL You deserve them all, baby, and thanks for sending me some golden award pancakes back! I might have to be awhile getting back to you on this, but don’t you worry, they’ll go on the hot plate!

    • I figured there would be more to pass on that way. Plus I liked the pictured. Lol

      I really should read the rules as I have no idea what “flip them” means.

      Aww. Thank you again.

      I had to send them back to you!

      Xxx Big Love

      Sent from my iPad

      • I just meant by flipped that you turned them around and gave them right back to me, like flipping a coin before handing it over. My guess is that some rules forbid that, but some awards have fewer rules than other. Since I wasn’t following the rules, why should you? XOXO Brenda

  2. How nice to include us in your “love” posts! You obviously have a big heart and are not afraid to show it, and to share it! That takes courage, and some people are able to display that courage in a bigger way than others.

    We will have to share visits and thoughts more often…have a fantastic day!


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