Sitting here with that Sunday anxiety that I haven’t had to feel in a while.
Starting at a new job tomorrow.
Having resigned from the last and having a brief timeout.
Always been a reliable slave to the Babylon system.
Always worried about ends meeting, bills being paid.

But that last place was ….

So I took a deep breath and I resigned.

My path, my destiny. Right?

Years of study, professional qualifications, letters after my name!

I am not a “professional slave”.

I will no longer be held by emotional or your financial whips, or chains.

This last year I have been forced to overstand my inner strength!

These last few weeks have been bitter sweet!

And amazing, pivotal, necessary in the transition, evolution, trusting and loving of Me!

I didn’t see it coming. I just knew at that point that I had to stop, pause, reflect.

So I blew my own whistle! TIME OUT!

I have slept, and read, and interacted, been silent,

Been ME, again.

I have seen the home that I kill myself to pay the mortgage on. For more than 3/4 hours a day.

Life is full of signs. We don’t always see them. We don’t always want to see them.

We walk with our eyes wide shut!

But these last few weeks I have kept my eyes, ears and heart wide open!

Not looking for, yet seeing all of the signs being sent for me.

Am I ready to go back into the system?

To racing with the rats?


But this timeout has allowed me to modernise, revamp, re stock, my armoury.

Today Jill told me that ” when I wake up it will be Beautiful”

As I write Natalie is speaking, to me.

“Sometimes we need a place to start again, it doesn’t have to roll on, start again, pick up the pieces, heal within, re birth, re born, moving on, evolution”

Life is full of signs.

Mine let me know that I am going to be just fine!

I took a brief timeout, the world however kept moving and tomorrow I will be playing catch up!

But I will do so with a renewed sense of me!

Because (As Eva Poet puts it) I will always Belove and I will continue to Believe!

© KLove 2013


9 thoughts on “Signs

      • I would love one.
        Hopefully one day.
        Thank you for your continued Love and support!

        Big love.


      • That was amazing! You are indeed a very special person and I believe a kindred spirit.

        Not sure that I understand how to take an award however.


        Sent from my iPhone

      • Just grab the icon, in my case I copy it into iphoto, then when I add media I dump it back into wordpress. You put the icon in your post, and you thank your nominator (me) and if you like, follow the rules. I’m sure if you google for the award(s) you choose, someone else will have laid out the rules. Or like me, you can just party and name some others to pass the award along to. I like to post awards, it brings lots of traffic to my site, brings new followers, gives new followers to the people named in the award postings, and generally increases the love in my world. You’re really in charge of how you want to handle it — you’re the publisher. You’ve got the power!

      • Ok sweetie. I will have a go when I get home later this evening!

        It took me a month to work out widgets so wish me luck!

        Have a wonderful day!

        And again, Thank you so much for the nomination and the Love.

        Big Love Xxxmwaahhxxx

        Sent from my iPhone

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