Big Love

Thank you to all of you who have visited, like, followed my blog.

It’s all very new, but am shocked and delighted to have had so much positive interaction.

I am more delighted to have met and read some of you.

Hopefully you will keep visiting.

Please keep writing it out!

Thank you for Loving and sharing the Love.

If you get a chance please check out some of the blogs that I follow such as:
The Better Man Project
And the numerous others listed below.

There are some very special people out there!

Always Love and Light.





6 thoughts on “Big Love

  1. Wow.. Thank you for your comment! I just happened to find it… Well, there are no coincidences, so really God lead me to it cause I did not get a ping-back., probably due to the misspelled link. My actual blog is I am so honored that you would mention me and that you like my site enough to encourage others to check it out. As you wrote, I also write as God leads because He knows exactly what someone needs to hear each day. He directs those who need a touch from Him to our sites. I love your site also and am blessed to have a friend like you… Thanks again and God bless…

    • You are truly welcome. Please look at the latest post and take the awards that I have passed on to you!

      You deserve them all and more.

      Who you are, what you have overcome, and what you are choosing to do with your experiences is amazing!

      I am humbled that you speak so highly of my words as that you consider me a friends!

      You are truly blessed and truly of Love and Light!

      A true Angel. Stronger an more resilient than you could ever imagine!

      You are 20ft tall!

      Stay blessed!

      Big Love Klove.


      Sent from my iPhone

      • Oh my God.. I thank you so much for your kindness and love that I can feel through your comments. I had no idea that you were giving me these awards. As I read your posting, I saw Secret Angels but did not even recognize that as my blog since it is called The Abuse’ Expose with Secret Angel….. You have no idea right now the impact of your words!!! I wrote a posting today just after midnight as I felt God leading me for me to post today and I was going to post it in a few minutes.. This posting is not about me. It’s about Him and how He watches over us…. Now, I am also so honored by the awards. Thank you so much! Again, as I woke up this morning, I was feeling that I needed to find one of the “No awards please” pictures to put on my site. I had no idea that someone would give me an award today! I really appreciate it more than you could ever imagine, I feel that you will understand that God put this in my heart. I do this blog to honor God, trying to write as He leads and I humble myself before you in appreciation for your love and kindness in giving me these awards… but I feel that I am to post “no awards please”. You see, He is my reward! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly. Please feel free to email me at anytime, my friend. May God pour His blessing on you!!

      • You are most welcome! I can hear the smile in you words! It’s odd as when I receive your likes etc in my reader, it says Secret Angel. Which may mean that some of the others I have named are named wrongly also!

        Well my sentiments found you despite the name confusion!

        I can hear the smile in you words! Which is great!


        Sent from my iPad

      • Hi again.. I just commented on your first comment which I managed to find last. I am kind of backward today… I was not sure how my name came up.. maybe by my email address which is The PS stands for Psalm 91:1 which is the prayer that I prayed constantly when God rescued me. I owe Him my life and have dedicated it to whatever He tells me to do… Thanks again! You have blessed me so much and I pray for blessings to pour down from heaven to you.. I hope you like my latest posting.that I wrote between midnight and 2am to post today.. I know that God used you earlier to speak to me. I hope you listen to the testimony and the song and let me know what you think.
        many blessings again…

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