Mandatory Love?

Is it mandatory to Love someone or some people?

Because they are family.

Because they are life givers (parents is not the term that suits)

Even when you really do not like them.(although you have tried to)

When they, their behaviour, their being, is the cause of 99.9% of your issues and they 10000% need to look into themselves and resolve their own issues.

Is it mandatory to Love them?

Is it wrong that you feel most at peace when they are not a thought or a vision?

That the thought of speaking to them makes your air tight.

That you don’t want to visit them in hospital because their issues and one in particular is why they are there and you just can’t deal with it anymore, you can’t fight their demons, alongside your own.

Is it bad that you wish that you could emancipate yourself from them and their relations bar a few completely!

Is it fair that knowing all of this and feeling all of this, you will have to go, and you will have to deal, because they have that title and no matter how old you are it owns you!

Is it fair that because you know Love, you speak Love and you are Love, you feel oppressed by your inability to love them!

What is the answer?

They won’t change.

The history cannot not be erased.

The feelings cannot be unfelt.

The emotions cannot be detached.

You have changed! Yet in this respect you feel exactly the same.

There is nothing more that you can do or say, so shouldn’t you just save yourself? From them.

What is the answer?
© KLove 2013



11 thoughts on “Mandatory Love?

  1. love can never be forced,
    is never mandatory,
    and indeed,
    anything mandated,
    can not be love.

    pain is mandatory,
    especially in love.

    pain is mandatory,
    especially in life.

    • Hey there,

      I agree and it is what I feel in my spirit, especially as I know love. It is however something that others may find hard to accept.

      I 1000000% agree that pain is mandatory is in regards to Love. However it does not make Love less amazing, addictive, or sought after( by me at least)

      Thank you so much for your comments, and for stopping by.


      Always Love and Light.


    • Hi
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Most people would not talk about it, or express their feelings about it, as it is a taboo area.
      For me, out is always better than in, even if only on paper (or an iPad as it now is)
      It is how I process, evaluate, and understand.
      Hence why I believe in writing as therapy.

      Your blog is awesome and your tips and ideas equally so.

      Keep Loving! I believe it in and you!

      Always Love and Light.



  2. To give love and friendship is a gift. Love will be abuse and not appreciated. I lost brothers to suicide. Taught me to be kind to people I care for. We never know what they are thinking and when we shall see them again. A good topic in the poem. It is hard to do. We must be kind to all people around us and the bad folks. We hope the bad people stay away. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a interesting topic.

    • Hi John
      Thank you for stopping by.
      So sorry for your loss!
      I agree that we must strive to love and be kind to all.
      But sometimes (for me at least) it’s not as straightforward, and you have to love yourself in order to save and protect yourself! Ultimately you are all that you have.
      It’s taken me a long time, a lot of pain and confusion to realise this.
      I always speak Love, however Love is not always pink and fluffy, it is often painful, grey and confusing.
      I continue to pursue it nonetheless.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

      I will be sure to take a look at what your blog.

      Always Love and Light!


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