An aside!

Call me naive but I’m always shocked and taken a back when confronted with ignorance, racism, xenophobia, and just play old rudeness!

In 2013, where the universe is so diverse, integrated, where “mixed” is fast becoming the dominant race, where the president of the USA is a non white man, I find it hard to fathom or tolerate any of the above!

I sit on a sun lounger in the intercontinental Vietnam,angrily typing on my iPad, thinking to myself,
” I’m a Black Queen, get me the F…k out of here”

As an aspiring Buddha (combined with a Rasta at heart) I am very interested in this side of the world as well as India. I love to visit Temples and experience different energy, culture and religion.

Having been to Japan and having a most wonderful and enlightening experience, when my friend suggested that I accompany her on a work trip to Vietnam I jumped at the chance.

What I/ we are faced with is hostile looks, intrusive stares, comments as we pass by (in Vietnamese of course! If any one reading knows how to say ” kiss my black ass two times “in Vietnamese feel free to post it as a comment please!) lol. I wouldn’t really.

Is this a general curiosity, a general dislike of foreigners or just a plain dislike for black people.

Taking a leaf out of Mr Harsh reality’s book, I will keep it 100 and say it as I think it is. Where women are wearing long sleeve sweaters, gloves, hats and glasses in the sun and temperatures of 32 degrees plus to avoid getting dark, I say that it is a dislike for black people.

If they had their way I would be holed up in this hotel.

Thats not so bad I hear you say, after all it is the intercontinental.

Ummmm, money doesn’t buy class or manners!

The staff are wonderful. But sitting here the women by the pool can’t help but stare, or try to steal a sneaky glance.

At them I laugh. Actually I stretch my long glossy black legs out and smile! They quickly look away. Lol.

The Rasta in me is rebellious. I travelled too far and and at too great an expense.

So now Im going walking again. I may even take out my Ghana Braids and wear my natural hair out, shaking it “Jah Rasta Rafari” stylee at anyone who looks at me! Lol

In every experience is a lesson!

Not everyone in life will like or Love you, so you have to try your best to like and Love yourself! You have to e confident in your opinion of yourself so as not to be affected by those of others ( says the pot to the kettle!)

This may not have been the mind elevating experience that I had hoped, however I will leave here loving myself and my Black beautifulness a little more.

If you didn’t know it before, or haven’t been told, Black is Beautiful baby, it is strength, resilient, and defiant.

KLove says so.

Always, Love and Light





2 thoughts on “An aside!

  1. That’s was a funny and also worrying read jus mek sure u look after yourself, glad your having a nice time regardless. See you when you get back

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