Kama Sutra

Got Ciara in my ear singing:
“my body on your body”

And before that Ri Ri was asking me whether its bad that she never made love, but she sure knows how to F…K”!

Now thinking about intimacy and sharing physical acts of Love. Feeling the heat!…….

Mr “emotionally unavailable” running past the backs of my eyes as they roll!


I am a champion for Love and I love everything that comes with it!

I most definitely like to express it in a physical way (she says, despite being celibate for nearly 3.5 years🙈)

For me sex is an expression of my Love. Of our Love. A reciprocal act of Love!

It is sharing myself and my energy with someone. Its allowing someone to enter my body and to leave a some of their energy inside of Me!

It is the making of Love! The ultimate expression of my Love, of giving and receiving Love!

It’s not something to be done lightly,as it is the giving of myself to another.

I will not give it away freely! Will not allow just any man to enter me!

So I don’t! (As much as my alter ego screams at me to let me free!)

I read the Kama Sutra because I want to know and learn how to please. (I have 3 )

Because it is about so much more than the sex or the positions. (Although I think I now know most. My imaginary husband will be endlessly in awe of and in lust as well as Love with me)

What most don’t realise is that it’s a book about love,tradition, courtship and is a guide to how men and women should interact with each other in order to attain the most pleasure from each other!

I read, I listen, I learn in preparation for him!


I miss it! The pleasure. The heat.

But I miss intimacy more!

Skin to touch, smell and feel!

Arms to lie in Love in.

Lips to brush against.

The masculine, strong, but tender feel of a fluid chocolate body against mine.

Love sounds against the silence!

Nakedness! In the dark.

Together heartbeats. Loud and exploding bass.

The satisfied exhaustion!

The cuddles that come after.

Love music being made.

Why would you want to F…k

When there is Love to be made?


© KLove 2013



5 thoughts on “Kama Sutra

    • Aww
      Thank you sweetie!
      I write what is on my spirit!

      Thank you for following me and engaging with me!

      Kindred spirits! Expressing and speaking Love in our own unique way!

      Keeping Love alive!

      Maybe I will have as many followers as you one day!


      • I can feel it! Your words have healing abilities! All of us who speak from spirit heal others just by sharing our inner wisdom. 🙂 I’m very glad we found each other on WordPress. I will read your blog often! I love what you are doing here. Keep up the great work! You will surely acquire many followers — just keep on writing, my friend!

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