Not the 1st cut but definitely the deepest!


This is my first official post.

In time I will talk more about me and why I decided to start blogging.

In this moment though I just want to write.

The name of my blog is self explanatory I suppose. I want to talk about Love. But also pain as I have found that the two often come hand in hand.

When I Love I do so with every fibre of my being and I find that the Love that I have never leaves me. Even though the person that I was Loving may have left!

Today I felt moved to write because the last Love is doing his Usain thing in my head. Back and forth! And it hurts.

He left ages ago. Unfortunately I am still very much with him. It’s his Birthday today! Whilst I think about him often, today his noise in my head is louder than usual.

Now I am a reasonably intelligent woman on the “sexy” side of 30, so as much as I can’t stop these thoughts or feelings,I take issue with them.

It’s not logical that you would harbour feelings for someone who treats you with Disregard and Contempt!

Yet I know that I am not the only woman in this funk!

Love is such a powerful energy. The most powerful in my view. Despite the pain and disappointment that it often brings. I won’t give up on it or on my pursuit of it!

In time you you will learn about my belief in writing as Therapy and my little book of Love (And pain).

Today I just wanted to write my feelings out in what I hope will be my new safe place!

Here I can say” Happy Bday Mr….I miss you every minute of everyday and Love you more than my heart can cope with”

Please feel free to write any of your feelings out here!

Officially a No Judgement zone.

Big Love and Light.


K Love!

© KLove 2013




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